1. 02.07.13

    The day started off annoying after not getting much sleep because of an email sent to me from my employer the night before. Long, busy day at work. But the sun was out. And it was a beautiful day.

  2. 02.06.13

    Dailey picked me up after work and we went to the International District to look for NBA Jams for Super Nintendo. Then we came back and stared out the window for a little while at the rain.

  3. 02.05.13

    Met up with Adriane and John at Veggie Grill to talk about taking photos for them. It’s been so awesome making new friends finally!

  4. 02.04.13

    Spent the afternoon looking for honeymoon gifts for Leslie. Went by this outdoor theater in Fremont. Picked up Dailey from the airport tonight, too!

  5. 02.03.13 Vader and I had very similar days. It looked a lot like this.

  6. 02.02.13 My birthday! Also, my friend, Michelle’s birthday! Spent the morning with some good friends eating breakfast and playin with dogs and babies. Spent the afternoon with Michelle at the zoo. Spent the evening with more good friends at Veggie Grill. AND my best friend, Leslie, sent me my first Edible Arrangement ever. It’s so good and almost gone.

  7. 02.01.13 Today was a good day. Worked, went to the Goodwill, bought myself some birthday goodies, went home and then met up with my new friend, Stephanie, to go to an art show!

  8. 01.31.13

    Kinda sick, didn’t any photos, except this picture of Vader sitting on top of me when I woke up this morning. He just looks like a black hole in the shape of a tiny-eared cat in the middle of the room.

  9. 01.30.13

    Kitties staring out the window. Such sweet brothers.

  10. 01.29.13

    Walking home from work.

  11. 01.28.13

    Finished up season 3 of Downton Abbey and sat around the apt, lookin at cats all day.

  12. 01.27.13

    Dailey and I went to eat at Wayward Vegan Cafe and then to the Seattle Mariners Fan Fest. I feel like I’m cheating on the Braves a little.

  13. 01.26.13

    Today I made a brand new friend! I was so excited! We met at a coffee shop and talked for a good 2 hours, only stopping for me to have to go use the bathroom. We drove around Queen Anne and explored a little and she found out how terrible I am at giving directions. It was so cool. And then I got to go watch movies at my other new friend’s house who I just found out is pregnant! We watched Moonrise Kingdom and The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. We decided for Halloween, we’re gonna be Sue Bob, Kirk and Mousie.

  14. 01.25.13

    I loved today. Work, interview, thrift store, grocery shoppin, pizza eatin, hangin out with my love, Downton Abbey watchin… Saw this car outside of Value village.

  15. 01.24.13 Spent all day watching Downton Abbey and then walkes to Goodwill and then to Veggie Grill. And then watched more Downton Abbey.